Jason has recently reduced his prices, making them cheaper than they were a decade ago. He offers 3 levels of service, but everything can be tailor made to suit you

BRONZE SERVICE - 1.5 hours photography at one location. £250.

SILVER SERVICE - 3 hours photography at 1 location. £400.
GOLD SERVICE - From the crack of dawn till well into the night, covering many locations, Jason will be at your beck and call to give intimate, yet unobtrusive reportage coverage of everything. Starting with the bride getting ready, Jason will cover location shots, every ones arrival, the ceremony, the meal, and the speeches. He will take big group shots and lots of individual portraits of your guests, and then continue well into the evening, when everyone is relaxed and dancing, which often turns out to be the best time to capture magical photos. £550.

Once your special day is over Jason's hard work really begins. Normally taking 3 weeks, every single high resolution image is then individually and lovingly 're-touched', a very lengthy and intricate process involving tonally balancing the photo, tweaking the colour, removing spots and imperfections, and editing out unsightly things such as fire escape signs in the back ground. Jason prides himself on not taking 'snap shots' but rather providing you with practically perfect photographic paintings. On request Jason can create the effect of your choice to give the pictures real flavour - black & white, sepia toned, pop-art, oil painting effect, whatever you like, just ask.

PHOTO PRICES - Once all the photos have been edited Jason will visit you at your convenience, usually at your home, but wherever you like. Usually it is a good idea for you to gather family and friends together for this first showing, as many people will want specific photos that you might not necessarily want. Also, if they attend the showing, they often offer to contribute to the cost of the pictures. He will show you all the edited finished pictures from which you can then choose the ones you want, which will be given to you that evening. These will be high resolution digital images, for you to print out at a large scale and have framed if you wish, or to send digitally to whomever you like. The more photos you buy, the cheaper each one becomes:

DIGITAL IMAGES - You can order the digital high-rez image on CD to print as many times as you want.
1-5 digital images £12 each
6-15 digital images £10 each
16-45 digital images £8 each
46-100 digital images £6 each
101-200 digital images £5 each
201+ digital images £4 each

To book a specific date a £100 non-refundable deposit is required. Long distance travel expenses are usually expected to be covered, but normally no accommodation charge will be made. Total payment is required 2 weeks before the wedding.